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Frequent urination!

Hey there,

Not sure if this is related to anxiety or not but I was unable to find a community that would help with this matter.

I do suffer with anxiety but I have been coping quite well and haven't had an issues for a good couple of months.

However I seem to be urinating every hour or so , I have a constant full bladder and empty it completely every time I go to the toilet then its full again in the next hour, every hour! No pain, No burning sensation, no discomfort just a bloaty feeling in the stomach. So it doesn't sound like a urine infection as I know how that feels!

This has been going on for about 3 days now!

Can anyone help!?

Thanks in advance


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I thought going every hour is normal for some people.


Yes I had that for I while don't know why it happens though. As am feeling less anxious now it has got better I wouldn't worry.


If the situation is bothering your life and your peace of mind, I think you should have a doctor check it out. Hope it resolves soon.


I have that on the days I feel bad, except maybe I pee more often. My mouth is dry so I'll drink a lot of water thinking I'm dehydrated and I'll pee a lot and often, not sure if it's the same thing you're dealing with


Hi, I have food intolerances and I often pee a lot when I've eaten one of my allergens. My theory is that my body is trying to flush out the 'toxins'. Since you mention you have a bloated tummy it may be worth keeping a food diary and seeing if you get symptoms a few hours after eating anything specific (although I'd particularly watch for gluten). Good luck.


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