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What's my problem, how do I fix it before it's too late?


I no doubt have undiagnosed anxiety, i find myself falling into dark holes all the time and will end with me having panic attacks on the floor. I have cried myself to sleep every night and i feel like no one around me cares, i've told many people because i was seeking help but everyone tells me they've never had these feelings but 'they'll go away soon' and 'be positive'

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Hi there,

You've made the first positive step by coming here. We all understand the 'dark holes' it's terrifying. I've had depression for many years but only just recently been diagnosed with anxiety. No one around me understood either, it was very difficult but I rang my doctor and they put me in touch with a mental health specialist who diagnosed me and explained everything to me and reassured me that what I was experiencing was all related for the first time someone had shown an interest. They put me on Meds and advised therapy. My advise would be to see a professional and don't be afraid of the treatment they give you.. I was but in the end it's better than the hell you are suffering. Don't feel alone there's plenty of people here who understand :)

RachieW is right, you must see your doctor and get a referral for therapy and I think you need the relief that medication can bring. So many people are worried about getting addicted and side effects but that's no reason to refuse meds when you clearly need them. In due course you can withdrawslowly from them, it's not a problem. As for side effects, you will find that many meds don't have any and if they do they're usually minor and a small price to pay for feeling normal. Many meds take at least 3 weeks before you feel the full benefit so don't dismiss them after just a week or two.

Hannah, what you have is very common and you will recover but you do need to see your doctor and when the meds kick in and you're feeling better use the time to ask yourself what stress or strain precipitated your anxiety condition and read some self help books such as are mentioned on this forum time to time. We're always here if you want to talk or ask questions.

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