Sertraline. Yes or no??

Anyone recommend sertraline for anxiety or not? I'm getting to the point now where I think it's time to take meds as I'm getting no better at all nd I've had it for a year and a half now. It gets me down when I feel Ike I can't enjoy life the way I want to because of this anxiety taking over. I've tried the gym, cbt, keeping myself busy to take my mind off panic attacks but nothing has worked at all


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  • I am currently taking Zoloft and it has been working I've noticed my attacks have gotten more and more manageable, though I still relapse at times but I just started taking it a couple months ago. If you do end up trying it you'll notice a change at within a couple weeks at the very least.

  • I took lexapro for years I got off because it made me gain weight. I've been on Wellbutrin and it's done wonders. I still have moments or panic attacks but It's been easier to deal with.

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