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Nose and Anxiety

Does anyone else have nose problems with anxiety? Because i constantly feel like i am not breathing correctly. Like i am breathing too hard or too shallow. And sometimes i feel like i would even stop breathing. My nose feels like it is constantly blocked but it isn't congested meaning that i will blow it but nothing comes out. It is hard to believe that this anxiety so can someone assure me that it is?

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I get exactly same feeling and feels like no air is going thru my nose at all. I even get it In my mouth where I lose Taste altogether but I'm sure it's all anxiety related which is awful for us to have to go thru

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YES! I had my nose checked and they said my nostrils look slightly flared and prescribed flonase to clear it out. I need to pick up the prescription to see if it makes a difference.

What's frustrating is sometimes my nose gets so clogged that I don't know if it's my chest or throat tightening up. It's weird and very frustrating. It's the only anxiety symptoms that I have (We'll, except for palpitaions).


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