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An update and overview


So 8 months ago I made an account, i made most of my posts in that time period, then I started seeing a counsellor who helped me through a lot, I got my first girlfriend who was actually awful in the end, then I got majorly played by a guy in February and went into hoe mode for a few months and it was atrocious. But the sun came up, I got my license and I car and a job, I started really living and doing things for me because I love myself and I want to. Then I decided to settle with my current boyfriend but now I'm getting concerned again because sometimes my depression shows up again. Not for long but it's still there in the background and I've noticed my energy has gone WAY down. I'll go see the doctor soon and I'll talk to my counsellor again. I'm not ready for life to be bad again. If my depression gets really bad again i don't know if I'll make it this time.

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Don't fear the anxiety or depression! You have to think positively. I know it's easier said than done for sure but I get scared that oh what if I wake up and I have horrible anxiety or a health problem. I am working on breaking this habit and have found keeping myself busy and positive with a healthy balance and diet in my life has helped a ton!

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You will make it! Stay positive!

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