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Had my second heart attack on thursday

I have been having increased anxiety and depression since then. Don't know what to do crying all the time. It's like living on a roller coaster. The ambulance came to get me and I had to leave my dog alone. I live alone with my dog. Fortunately my kind neighbors took care of her while I was in the hospital. I am afraid of going to sleep and not waking up and leaving my dog alone. I can't sleep. It's debilitating. Just overwhelmed right now. Thanks for letting me post

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Bonnie63, I am so truly sorry. That had to be extremely frightening for you. Are you going through any group therapy or cardiac rehabilitation? I'm sure being a nurse may give you the inside info on what is offered to patients after a heart attack. I'm glad you have your dog as companionship. That was very nice of your neighbors to help out when you were hospitalized.

I'm glad you came to this forum. Knowing you are not alone emotionally will help in your healing process both mentally and physically. Bonnie come back to this forum any time you feel lonely or need to vent or talk. We are always here to listen and support each other. My best to you. x


I feel the same way I couldn't find the words to describe it but you described how I my symptoms are.. Plus my vision gets blurry sometimes. The best way I could've described my symptoms is flashes of fizziness and fuzziness in my ears and head...

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