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Hi everyone

This time 5-6 weeks ago I was in a state of panic that I never thought I would come out of! I couldn't eat, sleep or function at all.

I am now eventually coming out the other side! Yes I have had help with medication etc but I'd do the same if I was diabetic or had heart problems! DONT be as ashamed to ask for help when needed.

We generally think that we are weak people but personally I think we are the strongest people around! We know how hard it is to battle with our own heads, day in day out & we have 100% success rate of getting through each day.

I have suffered for nearly 20 years on & off. Yes there have been times when I wanted to give up, or thought I couldn't get through another day with these thoughts or feelings but I did & so have you all! PAT ON THE BACK TO US 👏🏻

Tough times never last but tough people do! We in my opinion are the toughest of them all.

If any of you ever need to talk or reach out to me I am here whether you want to inbox me or just chat on here.

I send you all the calmest of wishes & here's to better days!

Much love ❤️

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What a lovely uplifting post and well done you ,I agree we all need to pat ourselfs on the back and remind ourselves we have all suffered anxiety/panic but here we are getting our lives back and enjoying life keep going forward you can do it !


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