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One of my most disturbing symptoms of anxiety is a horrible surge of dread in the pit of my stomach. It is usually worse in the mornings and even makes itself felt in my dreams in the early mornings. Today I decided to count the surges and in the space of an hour I had 120. Each surge is extremely awful and feels like I imagine I'd feel if I'd just been told my best friend had been murdered and it's all my fault. So pretty horrific. I know it's said the key to curing anxiety is acceptance but how do you accept something that feels so absolutely horrific and is unremitting? This alongside awful feelings of depersonalisation which make my whole life and existence and even my children feel strange and a horrific feeling in my head like I'm drugged ? I manage to do everything I need to do whilst feeling this way but each day is a living hell and am often reduced to a sobbing heap on the floor praying to a god I don't even believe in to please help me. How can I accept these awful feelings? Any advice gratefully received


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  • Hi I'm also suffering depersonalisation I know how you feel I think I'm just going to drop down dead even though I had a ecg the other day. I thought I was the only one suffering with depersonalisation it's so lonely I just want to scream every day :(!

  • I'm sorry you're suffering too. What does depersonalisation feel like for you? Do you feel surges of dread as well?

  • Your welcome :). Yeah it's weird it's like I'm not in my own body and everything is a dream around me I feel like I'm not me even sometimes I look at my family all confused as I have to think I know them 🙈

  • I could have written your post. I have been enduring this for a few years now after having a child. I find once I'm in it (the derealisation) there's nothing I can do to snap out of it. I have to exercise, eat well and get sleep and in time it goes away. I've just read a book from Dr Claire Weekes and found it really helpful. I'm sorry you're experiencing this dreaded anxiety, try and keep yourself occupied and do something nice for yourself, you may not feel anything straight away but it will get better in time.

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