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Sleepless Again

Hi all,

It is me again. Unfortunately my stress from work has turned into a more full blown anxiety.

Nearly every other night I am waking up feeling breathless or with a tight chest or just feeling a bit odd and within a few minutes it has turned in to a full blown anxiety attack. I usually feel sick, very hot and faint and need to run to the loo.

I was taking beta blockers which helped but switched this morning to going back to my citalopram so have felt sick and had a heachace l day (is this normal when taking citalopram for the first time in a long which)

I just feel so alone at the moment and like my anxiety is really taking hold. It is happening at night and when I am alseep so I feel like I have no control over it :(

Any advice xx

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Hi maryhig, not advice but more of a question. How long were you on a beta blocker and did you decide on your own to just stop it and switch. I think that has more to do with what you are experiencing right now than the Citalopram. I would check with your doctor. x


Hello, thank you. :) I don't think that helped!

I only took them on and off for a few days (about 7 in total). X

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