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Lately I have been feeling this constant paranoia that someone is after me. I'm 19 years old and home from college for the summer. I know that no one is going to break into my house and that it's very unlikely something bad will happen to me; however, I can't get the fear out of my mind. Maybe the thoughts all started because of all of the violence in the news... idk. If I go see a movie and notice someone in the theater moving around too much, I start wondering "what if they're going to pull a gun out during the movie". If I wash my car in my driveway and notice someone drive by and look at me out the window for a few seconds, I automatically assume they have this plan to come back to my house later and break in. If I hear a noise upstairs while I'm watching TV, I start freaking out that someone snuck into my house while I was in the bathroom or something. My anxiety usually affects me most through my fear of driving and fear of choking. How do I relax and stop this constant paranoia?

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I do the same at the movies. I'm always watching who's moving and have the same thoughts. This is the world we live in now. Can't even go to a concert in peace. It's hard not to be paranoid.

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