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Dear Someone,

Dear God,

I am an extremely large sinner. Short of murders, I think I have it all covered. Can I ask a question? Is this why I suffer? And if so, it is something passed down through generations? Example: My mother left me when I was two. I would assume she had to be screwed up too right? Let’s see, I have abandonment issues, self esteem issues, anxiety, mood swings, depression and much more. Do you want me to die? Is that the end game? Maybe it is not you. Let me try someone else.

Dear Satan,

I cannot imagine that you are concerned with my soul. After all, I am more than likely coming to reside in whatever place you dwell or control. Actually, I can only assume that you control earth. Sex, death, murder, and so much more. Yea…I think you own this place. Do you try to make me suffer? Nah..I don’t think you do. Moving on!

Dear Alien,

Going out on a limb here. Some say you built the pyramids but I have to imagine that if you were ever here on earth, you could have done something so much cooler. To be…..well…I feel better now so I am done writing.

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Ha ha ,love your sense of humour , it's wicked I do hope your ok ,he !he ! , one thing you don't need to worried about is your ability to capture an audience . All the Best . Keep um coming you've made my day.::::::::::::::::::


Your posts are certainly different but...and the question is! Are you really suffering? Wife? Beautiful children? Life?

We cannot run away form ANXIETY it is part of us therefore we must embrace it and accept it. Acceptance means we can live with it so that it is there but not allowing it to rule our lives. Meds don't really help. They only make people suicidal or are just sticking plasters. Meditation is the best thing when panic strikes. BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE.

Sorry to burst your waxing lyrical bubble but God put us here to learn so we have to take the bad a long with the good.

Satan (ARCH ANGEL LUCIFER) means ANGEL of Light and he didn't cause your problems. He is not the big bad baddie that everyone is scared of. Sorry! No such place as Hell either. We make our own hells on the other side depending on having lived a good or bad life. God does not judge - we judge ourselves.

Aliens!!! - well I like to call them our other galactic friends. Woowooo they are still here!!!

Ps check out on the web 'Channeling Erik' or Alison and Kari's Shiny show on YouTube.

Peace be with you


Thanks. You gave me a lot to think about and the idea for my next post

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