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Ugh I thought I was getting better

So I've had like a month of being totally ok... and today... I had a thud in my chest followed by a sort of momentary breathless feeling... this caused me to panic and now I feel breathless and I'm burping loads ?? And thinking that it's a warning sign and the end is coming 🙄 Can reflux cause thuds... do I even need to worry about it

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Been to your gp? Get checked out it will help to be reassured. Anxiety does have a habit of coming and going, returning when you least expect.

Best wishes


See ive been checked like 100000" times I wanna get ot of constantly running to the doctor each time I feel a new or random pain


I hate any kind of chest pains, they are really disturbing. When I have one witch I have been having the last few days it stops me dead in my tracks!!

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