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dont give up

ok so i got 5 weeks for the court i know iam not getting my kids any time soon because of my mental health thats why my mum is trying to have guardianship i think that what u call it to try and have the kids in her care until iam fully better iam so blessed to have a mum like her she is doing everything she can to help the kids room are all ready and done for them now its the court to decade on what to do yh iam scared i mean who would not be iam scared as well on having a panic attack and i have not had on of them for a few months now as i been on the tablets but i feel strong and positive some how any way i been doing everything that social workers and the court have asked iam doing everything that i can and iam putting my health first so i can get better to try and get my kids back when iam better mental health its really hard to live with but we cant let it take over are life we need to help are self and fight we will have are bad days i do and its not nice but i cant let it win again its time to get my life back plz dont ever give up dont let it win take care of your self help your self and think positive its hard yes i have my days but there is no way i am letting it win again dont u let it win i did not get help when i needed it the most dont do the same mistake as i did because when depression gets the best of u thats it u can not longer cope plz get help when u need it never let it get that bad stay strong and fight to get your life back dont let anxiety depression win take care bye

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I hope things work out for you and you're children. At least if your mum can have custody of you're children that would be so much better. So many people suffering because of it but good to see your medication is helping. You're managing to keep a positive attitude about not giving up. I know that's hard to do all the time. Just keep telling yourself it will get better in the end. Good luck to you.


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