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First post....Alert

First post....Alert

Firstly I’d like to say it’s been my pleasure having to share my experiences with everyone here more especially because I can relate. That sense of belonging is beyond remarkable and not to mention all the sweeties in this community. My first anxiety attack was at age 14 then I couldn't make much sense of it nor could my family and I think this was greatly influenced by cultural beliefs and the stigma behind mental disorders. The social stigma discourages people from seeking treatment. People then start losing hope or feeling helpless, what needs to change is the attitude towards mental disorders. Awareness can also prove to be beneficial, How many people out there are suffering with silence with no idea of what’s happening to them and they try anything so to make them feel better...It’s really sad

It was only when I became of age that I started seeking medical help and honestly the outcome was quite unexpected. I few years after that I slowly started disengaging myself from the world this was followed by all other episodes, I’m still learning to control my thoughts must say some days I find it quite difficult, at times I feel defeated.

reading about other people’s experiences and the constant struggles tackled with anxiety gives me some sense of relief that I'm not alone


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You are never alone! I agree coming on here and reading and communicating with everyone definitely helps a whole bunch 😊 Everyone is going through something similar I also suffer from anxiety but it just started a couple months ago after giving birth to my baby. Just remember you are never alone!


Thanks sweetie :-)

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I agree with levymaria you are surely never alone! This place is full of wonderful advice and wonderful people to talk to and share your journey with!


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