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I die every day !

I am in my 40's and have been dying every day! I have had several things wrong with me over the years ( all in my mind) and this has been going on since my teens.. Over the decades I have learned to control the panic attacks better and in my mid 30's I thought it was very much under control. But when I hit 40 BAM ! Back come the sever panic attacks!! When I was a teenager I had cancer, brain issues , heart palpitations and made many visits to my doctor and never had any thing wrong. Now in my late 40's every pain I get in my chest, arm or back what do you think I say? Yup , I am having a heart attack !! This sucks because I know one day I will have a real issue and my freinds and family will not beleive me and I do not blame them at all because I freak out with every pain every day!!! The only releif I have is sleep , I can escape myself when sleeping but when I awake the thought and pains start and last most of tje day.. please help!!

If anyone knows how to control these thoughts and stop these panic attacks please let me know..

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It's a constant struggle..I'm just the same ..not much help I'm afraid, but every ache or pain .. I feel doomed.. It goes I think it's under control, then it's back and I'm scared again ! Take care


Hi Hidden,

My physical symptoms used to cause severe worry, bad thoughts and panic attacks until I changed my lifestyle about 2 months ago. I gave up caffeine, which includes chocolate. No more refined sugar products that fluctuate my blood sugar levels. No more white breads that turn into sugar. I eat healthy at all times, attend counseling and take vitamins. I also walk daily, which was the hardest part for me, but it's getting easier.

Now I don't get panic attacks or severe anxiety anymore, but I still have 24/7 physical anxiety that I'm working on getting rid of thru exercise (gonna try Yoga) and positive thinking.

Good luck in your journey.


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