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Panic attacks Every night for a week now.

A week today i was at the hospital and got diagnosed with SVT. I had a heart rate of 220bmp.. I've been really scared it's gonna come back and can't stop having panic attacks when i get home and relax from work at night.. I haven't slept more then 4 hours a night and I'm exhausted. What's wrong with me ? Did I some how destroy my nervous system that day. I also stoped drinking coffee and quit drinking alcohol. I was a pretty bad binge drinker and I'm sure that's what cause my SVT to begin with. But I'm a week sober and plan on staying this way. What's wrong and what should I do? I literally feel like I can't control myself at night..

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Super ventricular tachycardia. It's a type of a arrhythmia. My doctor explained it to me as your brain send a signal to your heart and the signal gets stuck in a chamber in your heart instead of exiting and makes your heart beat insanely fast. It's extremely nerve racking because you can just be sitting down and next thing your heart is beating out of your chest at 200+bpm

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How as that come about, is it a disease ?.


I was diagnosed with SVT back in September. It was a crazy ride. I started having episodes in June and the doctors told me it was anxiety and just my mind. After going to a few cardiologists who would actually test me, they had me on a 3 weeks halter monitor and caught it. I was to the point where I convinced myself I couldn't walk, I begged my fiancé to get me a wheelchair. Any time I stood up my heart would race insanely fast, and I couldn't leave the house without dizziness, fatigue, I thought I was going to die at any second. I want you to know it gets better.

Here I am 7 months later, I haven't had an SVT episode since November 2nd. I no longer fear it and don't let it control my life. It will get better I promise. Your first goal should be to overcome the fear of having an episode. It's not easy but you can do it. Try this: download an App called headspace and for the next 10 days do it. That app saved my life, it taught me how to lose my fear and love life again. Another thing, I was taking a beta blocker called Propranolol (10 mg) very low dose and a safe medicine. If you want to go that route talk to your doctor. It prevents the signal getting stuck in the chamber and will calm it down a lot.

The combination of the meditation and propranolol really helped me. I no longer take the propranolol but still meditate every day because of how much better my thoughts have been. I was in the exact same spot as you, I couldn't sleep, eat (I lost 30 pounds in 2 months), I passed out multiple times because of lack of food, and had panic attacks 4-5 times a day. I never thougt I'd get better, and I'd have the worst life possible. That was the issue. I thought my life would be terrible, so it was. Your mind is everything especially with SVT.

I know this was a long post, but it's a sore topic from me because I know exactly how you feel and you will get through this! Feel free to message me.

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Another one who could do with magnesium!!



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