Happy Mother's Day ❤

Good Morning... just wanted to share something with my coffee drinkers. I don't drink coffee really but my Mom drinks this Newman's Organic coffee, so she said for me to try it this Morning because I literally have no energy. I was scared because of the caffeine and anxiety. Anyways, I tried it with some sweetener and in all honesty I feel Great. My eyelids don't feel like they have bricks on them, my chest is not tight, My body isn't tingly feeling, and I feel human. Not sure how I'm going to feel later but I will be drinking plenty of water today so I won't be up all night. Just wanted to let you guys know if you didn't already. Have a Good Day 😊


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2 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing, and always lovely to hear when things work out and improve things for us 😊

  • No problem 😊😆

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