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No Sleep Part Two

It's 5 am and I have not slept. I tried,, but then I begin to feel very anxious the minute I close my eyes. I would say I fall asleep for a few seconds then wake up from anxiety. All I keep thinking is what if I have a panic attack, which only makes things worse. I am trying not to be afraid either way. I survived a panic attack before, I just hate having them because it makes me feel like I am starting at zero. Plus it's Mother's Day! I wanted to be happy and energized! :( Anyone up?

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How are you feeling now.Dont worry.you are not going to have panic attack.I do understand well .But please try not to think about panic attack

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I was just letting myself feel anxious and tried to sleep through it. I might of slept about 20 minutes. Keep waking up with intense anxiety. Not a panic attack yet, but I can't stop. I am not thinking of anything, but I keep getting intense moments of heart palpitations.


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