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First time for everything

Hi everyone, I've never wrote on a forum before but I'm hoping it will help me. I've been suffering with anxiety for about 3 years, I worry about everything, I over think, I can't sleep and I have trouble swallowing food it's more of a panic feeling when I eat. I just don't know where to turn now, I want to live a worry free life! I am a 20 year old woman and all of my friends seem to have a care free life which is all I want. My anxiety is getting to the point where I worry 99% of the day and I feel like my mind cannot catch a break. If anyone has any tips on how to manage my anxiety please let me know. I really want to do this on my own and not go onto medication.

Thank you x

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There's actually a tremendous number of options for self help in this area. You might try a search on this topic. If I can get to my list, I'll send it to you but I can't access it right now. Some things I know that help are: slowing your breathing down by counting out your intake and output breathing, regular exercise, and yoga.

Amazon has several authors who put out books and other materials on anxiety. One of the authors is Dr. Claire Weekes, my spelling may be off.


Suttie, when we are experiencing anxiety disorder small problems seem magnified ten fold, we become obsessive about health issues to the point of hypochondria. I always give the same advice which is to temporarily accept all the bad feelings with the minimum of fear instead of fighting them and constantly testing for them which only causes more stress and tension. More anxiety is the last thing that over sensitive nerves need. So just accept all the symptoms for the time being and carry on with your lufe as normal: anxiety can't kill you, can't disable you and can't send you crazy. There is a small book about Acceptance and how to apply it that was written many years ago but has withstood the test of time and continues to guide untold thousands towards recovery. It was written by Doctor claire Weekes (who herself suffered from anxiety as a medical student) and is titles 'Self help for your nerves' in the U.K. and 'Hope and help for your nerves' in the U.S. It's available new and used on Amazon and I commend it to you, it's life-changing.



I've been giving my teenaged daughter a natural remedy called Anxie-T by LifeSeasons and a good Valerian. She was on a 3 caps a day of both. She has also been on CBD oil. Her sleep patterns have normalized after 2 years of sleep deprivation and unrest--and it happened in less than a month. I also gave the same suggestion to my father's caretaker who was on Zoloft. Within 2 weeks she was sleeping, happy and off her Zoloft.

Also find a psychologist to help you with Cogitive Behavioral Therapy. And lastly, do matter how boring it is it has changed my life.


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