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Can being born with a congenital heart disease (CHD), and getting AF be a blessing?

Would you agree with me that feeling your heart going crazy in your chest makes you think about……. the big D? Death yes, but the flip side is life!

Afib/AF and TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot) can be a blessing.

Fear can be a very good motivator! Knowing how a sick and out of tune heart feels, only to have a “normal” heartbeat the next moment or day can be a very good motivator. Both AFIB/AF and TOF are very scary.

Afib/AF and TOF has created in me a great respect and love for life.

I have made the resolution that AFIB/AF and TOF are blessings in my life!

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Janco, since we don't have choices of what life hands us, I like your idea of it making you respect and have love for life. We just need to look around us and see there are others much worse off in what they were handed. It doesn't make it easier for us to accept but to know we are not alone. So many take life for granted until they do get an illness that makes them realize life isn't forever. We must embrace life and not fear it. Thank you for the wake up call :)


Yes Agora1


I believe it's a choice, so I choose to embrace life.

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