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Nobody understands

It saddens me how nobody understands. I'll tell you my story. School was hard for me from an early age, starting from k-4 grade. My parents were mad for the longest and didn't understand why I didn't want to go to school. My teachers didn't understand. And I for sure didn't know what was happening to me. I'd feel nauseous and sick to my stomach and nobody would believe me. I started to experience shortness of breath 4th grade year and got x-ray done and came back clear.

I continued to struggle until I got a break 5 & 6 that grade. We moved for my 7yh grade year and there it began again the nervousness and hunting feeling, I struggled at the beginning. I went to the doctor and nothing, everything was fine. Later it went away 8 & 9th grade year. The summer going into 10th grade year it blasts me out nowhere and it was haunting, I didn't enjoy my summer and didn't leave the house at all. Later in the year I saw a psychiatrist that gave me medication and honestly brushed me off like I was nothing. I saw a psychologist once too and didn't go back.

At that point I still didn't know it was anxiety and didn't give it much thought because it went away on its own. Now 3 years later the struggle is real. I'm not enjoying my first year of college do to the anxiety, and am constantly home. My mom gets frustrated with me asking me when I'll get better and stuff but it doesn't help. It's frustrating that nobody can understand what I fee and the struggle. I know it's not their fault but still.

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Ok, you have fears and anxiety and maybe some other issues to deal with. Noticed you have never tried professional help for any length of time ever in your life.

So what if some people didn't know you needed know. Maybe it's time you thought about trying professional help, but for more than one visit.

You have the power in your hands to do that, regardless of what you believe other people are thinking or believing.

We're not doctors, and sometimeI feel that I have to be a straight shooter when responding to a post. This is one of those times.

Help yourself, get professional advice that can help you to help yourself. Ok? :)

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I second this. I spent 20 years looking for my hero/saviour....thinking some magic being will fix.......the truth is the hero we need is ourselves. Learning to love and believe in ourselves us the greatest armour against emotional difficulties. Trust me... The first timevi tried mirror work and said i love you to my refection...i almost vomitted and cried for hours. Heal yourself by learning to love yourself. Take it from someone who couldn't even look in mirrors for years. Dare to believe that you are the hero you need then showvit by getting help xx


You sound much better and empowered. You have a great day.


Oh Iam great ty. I still practice my skills daily but its worth it. Blessings x


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