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Reassurance please!

Had a panic attack last Wed, now having that constant anxiety state since then unable to eat, drinking ensure, decided to go to work today, Dr. started me on Prozac yesterday, still not feeling like myself. Haven't had an attack in months, then out of nowhere it showed it's ugly face. I feel like this won't go away! When I have an attack, I always feel like i'm going to pass out, have a heart attack or go insane. None of these ever happen. I'm praying to GOD this Prozac works and HE gives me strength to over come this.

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Anxiety comes and goes and don't know when which is the annoying part xx


I am still waiting for the anxiety to go away and it's been months but I still try for positive thinking and to enjoy little moments within the anxiety as much as I can. Prozac takes a while to get into your system ( 3-4) weeks so you won't feel effects right away. I am also on Prozac ( week 2) at 20 mg and I don't think I feel effects yet. I also take Busphar for panic, does help with panic attacks but not really helping with overall anxiety and it wears off too quick. I may try Ativan will see what new psychiatrist says I also use deep breathing which seems to help somewhat and just started cognitive therapy Don't worry too much about not eating right now, eat what you can and you will regain appetite once anxiety decreases I feel the same way about passing out, but never have and we won't since our blood pressure goes up during panic We will get over this

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I find this happens to me too but getting plenty of rest, eating healthily and getting out in the sun for a good hard walk helps burn off the residue adrenalin.


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