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PPI omeprazole

I have been prescribed Omeprazole which I have concerns about the long term effects has on my stomach. Prescribed only to line stomach but after 8weeks I have just stopped them after reading bad comments. Doctors didn't say much today when I told him that i had suffered stomach upset for 3weeks as omeprazole appears to strip the good bacteria. Any one on PPI drugs and how long will suffer the rebound of reflux which is caused when you stop.

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Hi hun. Omerprazole were really good for me I was on them over 10 years. I've been on lansoprazole for over 5 years and they work wonders had to come off omerprazole because I was still having bad reflux lansoperazole are stronger.when my stomach has a bad kick up from the acid I take my pills till it fades then I stop taking when it starts again I take them again. You don't have to take them unless you have chronic acid or pain constantly or if your Dr advise you to take Them daily see everyone reacts to pills differently if your not happy tell your Dr he will understand.


It can cause osteoporosis.


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