I know I keep posting but I just want to know if others have dealt with this. This annoying inability to tolerate much standing activities which all come with eventually shaky legs, high heart rate and some tension headaches. I feel better sitting focusing on something. Could this be vertigo? I do start to feel nauseous if too much is going on and trying to focus on too many things. Anybody found motion sickness stuff to work? I had labs and cardiac tests which were all negative. I am getting very nervous I will never feel normal again and I can't live like this. I also feel like all this dizziness leads to panic attacks. It could be a side effect of my medications as well ( going to app with PCP). Anybody feel similar? I am also exhausted at all times but don't sleep well.


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  • I'm also going through the same thing. I have been feeling dizzy. But it's really weird, yesterday at dinner as I was sitting on my chair every time I would more either to get my drink or a napkin I felt as I was unbalanced and the moment I went to the couch it went away. This has happend before. Also I wake up several times through the night, I can't remember when I fell asleep with no worries so I think that is the reason why I can't get a good night sleep.. I always go to sleep thinking about how bad the next day will be. I'm also dealing with a bad case of heart palps witch puts me more on edge. I have suffered with anxiety for several years now and the last 2 years were pretty good I started to go out have fun and not worry about my health up to just 2 months ago it all came back with a vengeance.

  • I feel best on my couch too! It's my safe place I guess! This dizziness thing gotta go. I am now also having head and neck pressure as well my psych thinks it's from celexa but who knows? Are you on any medications? Dizziness could be the side effects as well. I might need a medication holiday but I don't know how I will get through with my panic attacks. I also dread the mornings and work is getting more and more difficult. Evenings are better. Let me know if you find out a cure to this horrible thing. I am going to a million doctors appointments, I need to figure it out.

  • Not on any meds... but just now I started feeling it again it comes and goes... I'm here at my sons birthday gathering and I was fine for a bit and now I'm feeling off again... god I wish all this would just go away

  • And it will go away one day Ceelos. Without realizing it, whenever we are interacting, our mind gets ahead of us. We seem to not be able to enjoy the moment. When our mind gets busy, we tend to feel bad again. Try to deep breathe your way through these episodes. It will get more oxygen to your brain as well as reduce the fast heartbeats or skipped beats.

    Hope your son is having a great birthday. :)

  • Thanks agora!!

    He had a great time, it makes me happy too see him open his presents and enjoy his special day.

    I'm just a wreck I feel so out of it it scares me. I want to go back to the old me and it just seems so hard to be positive when you have these physical symptoms that go along with the mental ones. I'm laying here in bed trying to be positive and all I can think of is what tomorrow will bring. I can see that my family is suffering too as I don't want to do anything anymore. I don't even have a safe zone like I did when I first went through this, I feel just as bad at home. I think that's why it seems worse it's like I can't get away from it.

  • noemikahle, you'd be surprised on what medication can do in making you feel dizzy and off balanced. It wasn't until I got off medication that I realized the dizziness went with it.

    On the other hand. heavy head and tight neck muscles can also make you dizzy or lightheaded. Bending the neck to far forward or to far back can actually start an anxiety attack due to how it makes us feel. With this problem, heat will help relax the tight muscles as well as relaxation methods.

    Sometimes we need to figure these things out for ourselves. Be our own advocates. Stay strong, you are not alone.

  • Ceelos81, Do you know what happened 2 months ago to bring this all back? As for feeling dizzy or weird whenever you move (even while sitting) anxiety can make us feel like our surroundings are moving as well as us, producing that unbalanced feeling.

    I use to start to get anxious as I watched the clock get nearer to bedtime. Only because I knew that the morning would start the whole nightmare over again. Getting rid of that negative thought will help you not only sleep better through the night but wake up on a more positive note.

    As our mind is active all night long, it is best to have positive thoughts before falling asleep. Using either meditation, relaxation, imagery etc in other words quiet relaxing moments and thoughts

  • I am currently experiencing the same symptoms and saw my gp in the week who said it could be POTS, posural tachycardia syndrome. If you visit the potsuk.org website they have a lot of useful info.

  • Yes, I'm usually dizzy in situations!

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