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Why am I so dizzy?!

Been dizzy on and off for 3 days. Usually starts not long after I get up. Then I just feel like my head feels weird all day. If I'm walking and slightly lean I feel like I'm going to fall over. When Im trying to do chores around the house I haft to stop, was stood washing up and just fell to one side. Really frightening me. My eyes keep feeling funny and my forearms are all weird too. Feels like head pressure at front of my forehead. Anyone know what this could be. Thinking the worse as it's quite scary :(

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I'm not sure if it could be vertigo.. I get it quite often possibly due to neck problems but it usually occurs in people because of inner ear problems..

I can not sit up, let alone stand, the place is spinning and I feel sick, have been sick once.. I take travel sickness tablets to help but even then I feel as you described, like I'm going to fall over in town, I go on the inside on pavements because I'm afraid of falling in front of a car..

It might be worth a visit to your GP but try not to worry, there are many treatable reasons for this..


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