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Keep panicking over health worries

Hello, this is my first post and probably my last, but i am 17, and i constantly worry about my health, it all started with a pain in the side of my head that turned out to be me clenching my jaw, but since then i have spiralled into a continous pattern of worrying about a particular illness, googling the shit out of it, and then i end up panicking and thinking im about to die, i have jumped from brain tumours to migraines to sinuses to strokes and everything inbetween, all my symptoms match anxiety, but then i will have one symptom which is also found in a medical condition and freak out, sombody help me please this i hell...

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exactly the same as i've been the passed week lost my appetite completely from doing so


Same, i get freaked out about particular foods, i wont eat a fry up anymore if i do i think im gonna die


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