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pregnant or anxiety causing my missed period?

hello everyone, lately i have been worrying myself sick. my period is 5 days late as of today. i have felt my normal pms moodiness and i am bloated, however my breasts are not sore or swollen like the normally are before my period. i have been sexually active for a few months, but we have used condoms everytime. also within the past month, i have had extreme anxiety. i get panic attacks and fatigue when my anxiety gets bad, and i also had a virus which caused me to lose 11 pounds in a few days (117 to 108). i am obviously concerned about whether or not i am pregnant, but i was wondering if my symptoms sound like pregnancy or more like anxiety that could be causing my late or missed period? please help me!!

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jaci7926 I would bet it was nerves and weight loss making you late. Relax and see what happens or take a pregnancy test to ease your mind.


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