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In a lot of pain and feel sick. Anxiety Or something else?

Hey, all. I am new here. I have been to the doctors twice in this past week and I have gotten no answers. First off I am a 29-year-old female. (Rarely sick and I tolerate pain very well.) Not pregnant not on any medications. I have had panic attacks in the past 3 for sure... Anyways since last Wednesday...I, have had severe Back, chest and arm pain. In addition to that I have had an on and off the feeling of tightness in my throat, dizziness, heart palpitations, and food smells like ammonia. I went to the emergency room on the 18th because I seriously thought I was going to die. They did EKG, blood tests, and x-ray. Also, i had a holster monitor back in December so... They said everything was good and gave me antacids. Well, the antacids have done nothing. So earlier this week I saw my doctor and all she could say was. 'You seem stressed. It could be anxiety. Come see me in 3-6 months if things don't improve.' But lasting almost 2 weeks? Does that explain the ammonia smell? The constant back and arm pain? I feel like I am being dismissed and while I know I have been stressed I am not imagining these pains. I did not injure myself and I had a cold that lasted 2 days before this where I was waking up coughing a lot but that has been gone so I don't think that explains it. My question is...Have any of you had any of these symptoms and it was truly stress related? I have even worked fewer hours and been neglecting home duties just to de-stress but the symptoms have not gone away. Sorry if this is really long but I am really at a loss at what to do. I am in tears because I am in so much pain and I am scared which is not helping the situation. I can't afford another emergency room visit and I don't think they would do anything to help. I can't ask for pain meds cause they would think that I am a pill-popper and I don't want to mask the pain and sickness I want it gone. Thanks for any advice... And feel free to ask if you need additional information. I am losing faith in these doctors.

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I've been dealing with anxiety and panic for 20 years. It's a nightmare and it really using something I've personally gotten used to. I have to take clonipin, Zoloft, and atenolol. If it started around the time you got sick, that's probably what triggered it. Especially if you were losing sleep.


I've had No motivation at all had Dizzyness...Feeling weak/faint...My Balance was all over...Constant Blurred vision that's all been constant since Tuesday then almost fell in my bathroom was like I couldn't stand properly without leaning on something then My back started killing And My Left leg and ankle hurt. that started thursday also I Keep mixing my words up when talking sometimes and forgetting what was saying half way though talking. Had palpitations too on and off and Keep coming out In bruises everywhere when not banged myself I've been to docs they said blood pressure was fine and my urine sample was fine so I'm probably just dehydrated

It's so annoying x


Hello! I would definately get my vitamin d levels checked if I were you I had almost identical symptoms @leanne32 this can also cause unexpected bruising, fogginess etc! x


Would that come up in my blood results as I've had them done I also started taking vitamin tablets about a week and half ago x


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