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feeling like the floor is moving or bouncing/ crazy thoughts

I had my first panic attack two months ago and this scared the shit out of me afterwards. I started getting crazy thoughts and being scared to go to school because of the fear of loosing control or (going crazy) Whenever I sit in the class room I feel like the floor is moving or tilting and I feel lightheaded and tired. My neck and head area feels so stiff as If there is a tight band rapped around. Does anyone else feel this way? and is it anxiety? and will it ever go away.

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Hi karmaberry99, after having a first panic attack it tends to leave a residue of fear behind. That is what you are feeling right now. Fear of the "what if", fear of the fear itself. You didn't say where the panic happened but remember, it is not the place that caused it but your mind. Being afraid of going to school is causing your fear and concern which is then allowing more adrenaline to pour and feed those negative thoughts.

The floor moving/tilting and feeling lightheaded is all a part of anxiety playing it's mind games on you. Your head and neck are sore and tight because you are holding all your stress in the back of your neck. It is anxiety, we have all felt that way at one time and YES, it will go away.

What makes it go away is eventually accepting the reason behind these symptoms. ANXIETY and nothing more dire. Allowing the feelings to float past you will help them to fade. Deep breathing will help restore your balance and calm your mind and body. Practice when you are at home until it comes so automatically to you when feeling anxious or uneasy. x

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Thank you so much Agora 1 !!

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