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Pain under ribs/breastbone?

Does anyone else ever have this? It seems that it happens almost every time after I eat. I've have two abdominal ultrasounds to look at my organs and supposedly they show completely normal. I've been debating getting an endoscopy done but I'm afraid that I'll be spending tons of money for it to come back normal like every other test I've done lately. Any suggestions?

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I've had it for few years and never make actions but then this january it came back and with additional symptoms so i decided to have endoscopy, and found out i have gastritis/ esophagitis. Its better if you can have it check so u wont overthink cause that would worsen ur anxiety. Ok?

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So an er actually diagnosed me with gastritis yesterday...but then prescribed me like 3 different medications that read as if they all do the same thing. Does that sound right? Also, if you remember....what did you eat to avoid the pain until the medication kicks in? I've had a very miserable afternoon after eating subway :(


That's a big no no to gastritis, and anything that is oily/fatty,sour foods,spicy, citrus fruits and juices. Theres a lot that can cause gastritis, try to google it so ull be aware of what ur gking to take in.


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