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I've been having pains right above my ear on the side of my head and it travels up to my temples but after 2 doctors visits they both have said it wasn't anything to be worried about because a tumor wouldn't grow in that area but the pain hasn't gone away since 3 months ago. It's worse when opening my jaw and especially when pressing on the area above my right ear.. it feels like a bruise. I'm just so worried it's something worse even though I've been told it isn't. I can't focus and get emotional because it hurts and Advil and ibprofin dosnt even touch the pain.. what can I do to calm down before I go to the hospital :(


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  • Hi agun, just my opinion but it sounds like it could be a trigger point in what you are feeling above your ear and temple. The fact that it's worse when you open your jaw makes me think that a dentist would be better able to address this problem. Your bite may be off a little causing undo pressure every time you bite down on food. After time, trigger points surface causing you pain.

    I hope you get it figured out. good luck.

  • Thank you for your response! I will get that checked out for sure

  • It sounds like TMJ to me. Many anxiety sufferers hold tension in their jaw whether they realize it or not. If this is you, it could certainly be affecting your jaw joint and making even the surface of your skin sore. I agree with the other comment that mentioned a dentist could probably help you.

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