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Hormones causing anxiety?

Hi all,

I have been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks since October, I lost 8kg and stopped socializing due to the fear.

I have since got better this year but obviously still have my bad days, I only now struggle with concerts and public transport but I can handle it well with the correct nausea medicine and distraction techniques.

My anxiety came on from having the hormonal implant and being on the pill (to stop periods) - I just wanted to know if anyone knew about hormonal tests and to see if it is hormones causing anxiety? It would definitely clear my head so I know my anxiety isn't caused by stomach problems or actual fear. I have asked my doctor before but they said they only did thyroid tests (which mine came back fine) but not testing levels of estrogen or progesterone...

Any comments would be a great help!

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I know the hormone fluctuations with pregnancy and birth can cause anxiety. So I'd assume they could as well from birth control. Some people are more susceptible to changes.


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