Has anyone else took the generic lexapro?i started it the 20th of feb took 5mg for a week then started 10mg monday.so far i cant tell a difference at all.i still worry all day and still have panic attacks.anyone have any advice?how long does it usualluly take to start working?or should i suggest a different medicine since i cant really tell a difference?maybe a slight difference but not much at all.the first couple of days it was making me sleepy but now it doesnt really.


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3 Replies

  • I currently take Lexapro. I still have panic attacks also, but they are not as bad, also my agarophobia may have lessen a little. Lexapro makes me yarn alot, but the medication may take a while to work. I was prescribed 20 mg back in September 2016.

  • Hi 1994smilelove, I've been on Lexapro for the past 5 years. Started on name brand then down the line switched to generic (was too expensive). For me, it works. No drugged or drowsiness feeling. Started on 10mg went to 15mg. It takes from 4-6 weeks to reach efficacy. Your starting dose was low and needs time to build up. 10 days is not enough. Hang on for a while. GoodLuck

  • I take lexapro, the same dosage. Mine took about two weeks to start its effect. It usually takes up for four weeks for an anxiety medicine to work. It will work just give it time. Ik it's hard right now, but you'll get through it. If that doesn't help maybe switch up to a higher dosage.

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