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I went to see my gp as i was getting panic attacks at work main reason i think is i stopped taking sertaline 50mg about a month ago I felt fine past weeks until few days ago at work feeling dizzy cant focus always on edge its horrible.. I called my boss this morning and told him everything and that i will not be in work until monday (he wasnt very understanding) .My gp prescribed me citalopram 20mg (which i have been on before) should I carry on takin 50mg of sertaline or start taking citalopram? Woukd it be ok for me to just swap over Ive been takin sertaline for 4 days already?

Has anyone ever had to tell there boss everything? I feel so ashamed and weak.

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Sorry you have been dealing with this. You should probably do whatever the doctor tells you to do.


Hi there if the Zoloft worked for you you may want to stick with it. If for some reason it doesn't work as well this time around then try the other.

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