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I have been taking citalopram for 12 days this was on just a 10mg until last night when I had to up it on docs orders to a 20mg , I take it at 9pm I was wondering if taking in the morning may be better? I have got up today not being able to wake up and feeling very dreamy which is still a bit around now. Also my vision used to be distorted with black floaters and lines in my eyes, this had passed before taking the tabs, however today it is back. Can anyone help with this,?



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Hi bonnie

I have been on Citalopram 10mg for about 4 months now and i take mine in the morning it helps with the anxiety and makes the day a little calmer. I found taking it in the evening had no real benefit to be honest.

It can take roughly six weeks to start working properly but keep taking the medication as your Doctor has prescribed it will eventually kick in and you will start to feel better. As for floaters and lines in the eyes I have experienced this but its gone now. Although i need new glasses lol I am falling to bits.

Just persist and hope you start to feel better soon.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx

Thank you for your help, I was thinking of dropping back to 10mg as I had only been taking 10mg for 12 days. doc was going to leave it for a month at that.




I was on citalopram and took it i the morning but didn't get any sleepiness side effects from it. If you are waking up groggy I suppose there is the possibility that it will just make you too sleepy to function through the day? If it's the first day of an increase that is causing the additional side effects I would carry on with the tablets and let them settle before doing anything - unless of course the side effects are unbearable or mean you can't function.

Thank you, I have swapped over to the mornings today on the new dose of 20mg, however feel rough and anxiety symptoms going on, I stick with it, getting up in the mornings always gets to me with the internal trembling palps lack of concentration and not being ale to focus on conversation fully with my family, this is the worse for me,

Thank you for your advice



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ok so the side affects not nice when doze is put up,im on week 1 with 10mg and thought of extra anxiety if doze gets changed worries me,do u feel its worthwhile then? my mornings same as yours with what u just said,its not good start to the day but if get focused the day can b semi normal,bonnie keep us posted hunni :)

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Thank you for your support but at the moment I am not seeing it as worthwhile, I keep thinking of what I had got rid of in anxiety and seem to have got back since taking the meds. I am on the sofa all day other than getting up and going for short walks. I find it hard to concentrate on anything. really need to do what I did early part of last year, was going swimming and fishing, and to see my dad but got fed up with the anxiety , so I stopped.



hi bonnie

ive been on citlopram for the last 5 years ive always took them in the morning before i go to work they have really helped me with my anxiety issues so stick with it.hope you feel better soon.

Thank you drews, I was just pondering over dropping back to 10mg when I saw your message. I upped two days ago to 20mg and feel worse than on 10mg. anxiety overall has got worse since starting the meds but then its early days. I also have had a job to keep my eyes open for the last 4hours.



hey bonnie the more u push yourself,just one small hurdle a day,u really will feel some happiness or relief,its an achievement which u can build on slowly. then allow yourself to relax if u can,im saying this as i am now realising i have no choice but to get moving,its soo hard im soo sorry but we have more inner strength than we feel/think :) trust yourself hunni :)

Thank you laineyc, I will get moving more tomorrow as you say we are stronger than we feel/think its the symptoms that make us feel weak. I have made that point myself in response to a blog on the site earlier, I have not seen my dad for 2months I used to look after him and his house since my mum died, he lives 10mins away. I have made my mind up even if I feel bad I am going to see him tomorrow even if its for a few mins.

Thank you laineyc for a kick up the bum that was needed



hi bonnie, it took me a year or so before i was totally relaxed on the citalopram. my problem was there since i was a child, im 43 now, i'm on 20 mgs and have been taking them for 4 years now, but changed to taking them in the evening instead of the morning. massive improvement for me. i think it all depends on how long u have been suffering for before going on the medication and i also think it varies with different people. u will work it out which way is better for you eventually. best of luck to you and i'll say a prayer for you tonight. God bless

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