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Sensitive to bright lights?

The last few weeks I have noticed if I look in the mirror that is on our bathroom windowsil or I go near a bright window I feel suddenly really dizzy in my eyes and i feel faint and a bit woozy. My husband says it's panic and anxiety making me super sensitized to lighting. I suffer from chronic fatigue daily due to an underactive thyroid and my GP thinks I have chronic fatigue syndrome. On the days I am more tired this sensitivity is much worse and always triggers panic.

Can anyone relate to this? I have had sensitivity before when out and about and had to pop sunglasses on but I've never noticed it indoors until the last few weeks which of course makes me anxious why it's happening. I get anxious now just looking in the mirror near the window, it makes me feel so woozy and faint. It's so weird.


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It all sounds like anxiety and certainly nothing serious

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Thank you, that's very reassuring.


Ive been dealing with this too! I even went to the ER last night since I also had a headache and thought it was a stroke! Once there my headache went away so I left before I could be seen since it was so late and I was tired. I've decided that if something is going to happen, then it's going to happen. I'm tired of living in constant fear. I want to live my life.


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