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feeling insane... health anxiety

okay so i know i post on here a lot, but i was thinking about something that really made me sound insane. I don't know, maybe I am and need somewhere to tell me that. But I was thinking about what triggered my brain tumour worry. It was when I was thinking about headaches, and i didn't really even have much of one, and i decided to look it up for some undisclosed reason. Ever since it told me about brain tumours i suddenly convince myself I have one and ive been worrying about this for the past 3 months daily. I get anxious and nervous every time i think deeply into it. It began to go away a few weeks ago, i didn't think about it as often. But all of the sudden something triggered it again, my ear just felt blocked but i thought it had something to do with my brain and i started worrying again which leads me here, a few weeks later. When I think about it, doesn't the whole thing sound bizarre? Half my search history is on brain tumours and all. its crazy. I don’t even feel sick or have any suspicious symptoms like seizures, vomiting, nausea, odd eye problems, speech problems. just weird sensations around the head. Sometimes it might feel like it's full if that makes sense. Like there's pressure or I’m thinking too hard which I probably am. I think, if i didn’t have GAD or HA, would this even bother me? would i even feel these things?i just have weird sensations sometimes in my head. i don’t know if its me making this up or its there and its nothing. but its like nothing gives me reassurance anymore

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You've talked yourself into it.

The more you feed your anxiety the worse it will be!

The more you write about it, talk about it, think about it, google about it, see doctors about it, talk to friends about it etc

You need to get out of your head and into your life

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i agree with you. Yet It's very hard for me to stop thinking about it and move on. I am going to try, hopefully will be going to see a therapist soon to assist me with this awful disorder. But thank you!! x


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