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Pregnancy and Anxiety

I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm terrified. I was diagnosed with GAD a Panic Disorder a few months ago and that itself turned my life upside down and now there's this. I'm not sure how to even handle both at once. Just finding out has spiked my anxiety through the roof. And I can't imagine that being good for either of us.

Another thing is that I haven't been able to work because my anxiety has been so bad and now with this I know I can't really afford to have a child. But it's also against what I believe in to abort it. But that's also exactly what my husband wants. This "problem" to be gone.

I'm so lost and asking for advice, if there are any places for help, any programs etc. I'd love to know how other women did the a similar situation, or how they delt with a baby and anxiety at the same time. Because I'm feeling very alone and scared right now.

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i well pregnant when my anxiety just started oh my goodness i was suffering so badly..i didnt know yet that what i was expierancing was anxiety i thought i was seriously ill. i had to wait for my insurance to kick in still but beimg pregnant i thought it was just the pregnancy as well...things really got so bad that i got from work daily and just went to bed straight away in pain as my body ached so husband sure didnt really care cause he has never haf this or pregnancy..things got so bad that the doctor decided to put me on atterex that was safe for baby i actually felt like i was getting my life back and then boom they took the meds of the shelves...i was like a druggy tryimg to find my fix it was awful...well i had my daughter 2 months after that said i never wanted to go through that again so got a sterelisation..a year after my sterelisation i actually fell pregnant again i was horrified as i did not want to live through that again and i just started taking yelate 30mg and it was workimg for the constant body aches..i had to stop cold turkey..well God honestly blessed me he took away most of my anxiety through out the pregnancy and i never felt better even people stopped to tell me im really beautiful lol thats Gods shine i believe..well i dont know how much this will or will not help but you know you have anxiety and you know there is still.meds that you can use to just keep calm..a baby is a blessing and you can do do this i did it twice lol..its hard with anciety i know but your baby needs you to be strong and for the dad i think he needs a mouthfull but thats for another forum i think..

just know that im here if you need to talk and if the symptoms get to crazy.

God is love.


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