Thyroid test came back normal

So Wednesday went for a blood test for my thyroid to see if anything was going on there. It's come back normal and I'm glad it's eased my anxiety a bit which is great. I think I'm kinda of accepting that this is me for now and I'm working on it, I've noticed some of the things I feel when anxiety kick in feel familiar. So now I'm thinking this has always been a part of me but maybe now I'm noticing it more because of events that have happened.


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4 Replies

  • What symptoms do you have ? X

  • The Dr did the test because he thought I'd lost weight and thought I may have hyperactive thyroid. As for anxiety symptoms, I've got a trembling feeling, can't eat, head aches basically everything you read about anxiety symptoms the last 5 weeks I've had it but it has got to a more manageable level. X

  • Good to hear! Mine were normal too. I wish I knew what could be causing my anxiety

  • Yes you are right you notice it more now I feel the same. It'll get better with time you'll always be an anxious person but you can become less anxious plus for me I think pain causes anxiety yu get a little plain and things something is wrong DO NOT GOOGLE they always assumed the worst you'll think you have every condition like I did

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