Anxiety Support

Anxiety and hypochondriac

When my friend gets anxiety what I would suggest you get your friends and family to do a first aid course because I find people with severe anxiety feel better if they know you have some kind of training in case something goes wrong and making them feel loved confidence not judged secure safe is a big thing for someone with severe anxiety salt first day training for people around you would be good another thing learn about anxiety the different stages of anxiety because of Gresham could be a form of anxiety so when your partner your friend starts attacking you it's because they want you to make them feel secure when you're not doing your job so find out more about go on courses anyone who suffers from anxiety from mild to severe always feels insecure always feels that no one knows what they're going through so if you go on courses including the person with anxiety goes on causes of knowledge normally helps with anxiety there's no cure it's the same for people that had the had a contract they suffer more than anyone else take for example friend of mine she had her appendix out but she still had the pain and the doctor said she's got a form of hypochondriac is the Day suffers severe pain and there's no cure no pain killer so they still have the pains but we can't stop the pain so I always put my friend in bed may be running a bath hot water bottle give me a bit of empathy because you've got to understand that the brain doesn't feel pain so when the body signals to the brain it's still got appendicitis and that's what the pain is she was still feel the pain of appendicitis and anyone knows as well as I dates that appendicitis pain is horrific should just give us all talk to that when people say oh you're a hypochondriac it's actually not a nice fun place to be and that they suffer and there's no cure for them an operation or the painkiller does nothing the patient will suffer until the brain understands it no longer has the appendix so just give up water bottle or snuggly blanket let them talk to you about their pain it helps them I hope this helps


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