Any experiences with booze & citalopram

I had gone out with friends and truly didn't even think about the fact I take this medication and what could happen with alcohol. I was just thinking yes let's go let loose and have fun. So now I'm slightly hung over and have been anxiety ridden all day and extremely exhausted. I've been hung over before obviously, but not when I was on the Meds and this just isn't my normal hangover. Thoughts? Anyone have experiences with this? Obviously I won't be drinking again while on this or at least not getting wasted again.


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7 Replies

  • I find if I have a big session on the grog and I'm hungover the next day my anxiety goes through the roof and can even cause panic attacks . Also I get out of breath really quick , and I'm not on meds . Good old anxiety to ruin our life even more . I do have a couple of glasses of red with tea most nights when I'm not working .

  • How often do you drink to excess and how long have you been drinking like this? It could be the meds, on the other hand you could be starting to get a little more than just a hangover; you could be becoming dependant on alcohol; If the body eventually becomes dependant upon alcohol you will start to get withdrawals; one of which are anxiety symptoms. There are also far more serious symptoms that can occur. However, i'm not trying to make you more anxious! You should feel ok in a couple of days. Just think about how much you drink and your right, its not a good idea to mix drinking with taking anti depressants. Also remember that alcohol is a depressant itself. Mean time drink plenty of water, start to eat more.

  • It was probably my first time drinking in at least 6-7 months so I'm not an alcoholic lol

  • well, thats good; i was just asking, just in case you had been overdoing it a bit.

  • For your health, quit the booze period. Never mix alcohol with anti depressants. It ignites alot of fires and they are too hard to put out.

  • based on my own experience don't drink when on any of these meds. Not worth it especially since you drink so infrequently. It feels good in the short run but not in the long run

  • First time I went out on this med I did some out of character things. It generally eased after this.

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