Does citalopram stop working?

I have been Citalopram 40mg since July,after all the side effects wore off I really started to feel like myself again. But last week I just didn't feel 100%,slight nausea & underlying anxiety.

Thursday & friday really anxious all day till about 9.30.Went to bed about 10.30 then had broken sleep just like the beginning.Not sso bad today but still there just under the surface.Anybody had similar probs, would be most grateful for any info.

Cheers for now


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  • it can but usually after a few years I believe. it could be that you have adjusted to it and need a stronger dose. I have been up and down the strengths of citalopram at times. there are several anti-depressants similar but slightly different to citalopram that your gp might suggest. regards,


  • HI Sandra thanks for the info. If you have to change from one tablet to another do you still go through the side effects?

    Cheers for now

  • Hi Gretch

    I ve been on citalopram for 3-4 years from 20.This year i had to increse to 40mg cause there some issues but it didn t work at all...eventually I had a breakdown and I cash angle to cipralex(which is the new version of citalopram)and I improved soooo much!!so I guessed after few years is good to change medications if the old one are not working anymore..

  • Sorry for -cash angle -I meant to say "i changed to cipralex"

  • Hi,thanks for the update,was a bit confused.Can you tell me how the changeover went,did you have to stop taking the citalopram completely before you took the cipralex,what side effects if any & how long did they take to start working? Sorry for all the questions but I really dont want to go through the terror & feeling like I'm going mad again.

    Cheers for now

  • Hi Gretch, I have been on citalopram since about July. I started on 10mg and went to 20mg about 2 months ago. I felt fine, just like you did after a while. Recently though I have felt down, wondering what there is to look forward to etc etc. I was wondering if the medication has stopped working xx

  • HI Kym, I was put on 20mg for a month then up to 40mg since.I went to the docs yesterday regarding the return of Anxiety & stomach pain.She has now told me to cut daown to 20mg as she now thinks that the 40mg is to high & that is what is causing the new bout of anxiety,well I have to go back & see her in seven days to see whats happening,if there is now joy she will change the meds. One thing she did say though was these meds dont get rid of the anxiety but keep it at a tolerable level.Hope this has been of some help.

    Keep your chin up


  • I am feeling very anxious i think iv got a serious illness even though i havent been diagnosed with one how can i get out of that

  • Bimey I wish I knew! I've got health anxiety too, although it's not as bad as when I was first diagnosed, have you tried CBT? tThat did help for a bit,but now I have irritable bowel although I havn't been diagnosed with it. If I wake up early say 6-6.30 I get a little rush of anxiety then the stomach pains start,they do go off but it leaves me with an anxious feeling in my chest which does go away later in the day. I am just waiting to see the doc to find out if this is irritable bowel,I'm sure it is but I need reassuring. I think then the anxiety will go. Have you been to the docs,what do think you have?

    Cheers for now

  • I'd be interested to know about changing from citalopram also.

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