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goals and acomplishments pt2

🌹🌹its time to reflect the positives and acomplishments made this week 🌹🌹

🍋comment below on what you have achived and what you want to do in the future🍋


went with my mum to the plaza yesturday by via tram & train

started school this week!was anxious but managed to stay

started doing self CBT and did some exposures on walking around the block

am more expressive towards teachers and having good communication with them with my anxiety (honesty)

able to do tons of school work i wasnt able to

rarely have any thoughts and dont belive them as much as before

got a tutor for one of my subjects

what i want to improve💜🐙

go out with friends at least once this coming weekend and next week

start using my free time on my intrests

watch tv show

do an exposure every day and track it

be more organised


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