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I used to be on Mirtazapine for anxiety and depression. I came off about a year ago .

I currently have problems sleeping , well staying asleep , and am waking with anxiety feelings. My father is very ill so am relating it to this and a stressful job.

So my question is, should I restart a low dose of mirtazapine (7.5mg) to help me sleep ?

I can cope in the day but at night my brain will not switch off.

Any other suggestions to taking the mirt would be most welcome.


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hey there, I also have problems sleeping sometimes I wake up due to my chest being tight and funny feeling in the heart and sometimes I wake up gasping.. for the longest I thought is sleep apnea and to this day I still don't know but it doesn't happen very often so I don't worry about it much. I can't suggest you taking Mirtazapine because I've never been on that before but I do now for antidepression tablets it takes at least a week to kick in.. maybe you can take some karms? its a natural sleeping tablet.. maybe take a nice warm bath make a nice hot cuppa and read a book or something relaxing. if you have any thought maybe try and write it down. hope this helps x

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Get some magnesium it helps with sleeping and anxiety. You want glycinate, citrate or Epsom salt for your bath.

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