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So overwhelmed

Ugh I can't go to work or school without thinking about my breathing or feeling dizzy . This is so overwhelming. I just want to quit work and drop out of college because of it . Constantly going to the doctor or hospital and get the same result. Always have a bad attitude or in a bad mood . I'm so tired of this , I just want my life back and go back to normal but nothing seem to work at all. I just want to cry and sleep , just so I won't think about this 😢😢😢 don't know what to do now

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The first mistakes we are having is that we pay attention to the symptoms and also scared of the symptoms repeating themselves. Try and remove these two, you will be fine by Gods grace

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I have the same "breathing problem" idk what it is either but you have to be strong don't be me and end up in a phych ward. It hurts to breathe I know but you have to tell yourself that your OK and its not permanent, all I do know is that for me it's stress induced


I can relate to how you feel. Almost hopeless. I said those same words of yours to my husband this morning "I just want my life back & go back to normal"....I think I have tried everything medical and non medical but still battle constant fear. It wears on a person. Those who do get relief from yoga, meditation or other things are very fortunate.


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