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I have been diognosed / new problems have occured

I am new to this sight. I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder. i have been to the ER a ton of times . i have had blood work done and EKGs done everything comes back normal. i do have a vitamin deficiency. and my blood pressure ranges from 120/85 to the lowest of 89/55. my heart rate has steadily increased over the last year . it goes to the highest of 120 and it freaks me out i get anxious ill shake a lot and i have trouble breathing . can someone please make me feel better. (i do not take any meds or drugs )

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Tara, you are not alone in having those symptoms and having had medicaltests which was the right thing to do you can be reassured that your symptoms are due to anxiety. You must have experienced stress and worry for some time and when this happens our nervous system (that covers our whole body) becomes over sensitised and starts to play tricks on us like your heart rate rising, shaking, feeling bad and breathing problems. In fact, a sensitised nervous system can mimic all sorts of symptoms of organic illness - but none of these symptoms are because of real illness, they are caused by blips and glitches in your over sensitised nervous system. So although they don't feel nice they are not life threatening and cannot damage your body. The good news is that it's reversible.

So now you know what's happening to your body and mind and you should feel less bewildered and a little reassured.

The road to recovery is simple but it takes time and practice and persistence. The object id to de-sensitise your nervous system by ceasing to bombard it with fear and tension thus allowing it to return to its normal peaceful state. You do this by Acceptance, that is the key word in your recovery, which means you stop fighting and constantly testing (which only causes more tension) and you start to temporarily accept all those symptoms you describe without adding fear and stress to your already over sensitised nervous system. You must develop the frame of mind whereby knowing that all your symptoms are imposters and aren't for real you can accept them for the time being and when they come let your whole body go limp and relax.

This won't stop the bad feelings straight away, that's going to take time, but you will have taken the first step along the Yellow Brick Road to recovery. Look, Tara, I know you just want to press a button and it all goes away but it's not like that. The method I have very briefly described is that of Dr Claire Weekes and is described in simple terms in her book 'Self help for your nerves' in the UK and 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the US. You can pick up a new or used copy on Amazon for a few pounds or dollars, that book will change your life just as it has for hundreds of thousands of others over the past 40 years.

I wish you good luck in your recovery!


thank you for your resonse i may just pick up that book.


The good news is its not nice but it wont kill you


I'm suffering severe nausea is this normal.. Anxiety is awful and I feel. For u with it


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