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Any tips for Driving with anxiety?

A few years ago when I discovered I had anxiety, it was during a road trip home when I went into a full mode panic attack on the freeway. Shorty after on another road trip this happened to me again, then again, then again. Actually most of my attacks happen when driving long distances usually 45 mins to an hour or more. I had taken Sertaline off and on for the last 3 years and xanex when needed.

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Hi Whats_normal_again, Something I use when driving is "deep breathing". It works wonders in keeping your adrenaline levels down, providing enough oxygen to your brain, keeps your shoulders down and in a more relaxed position. The benefits are many. Whether it's a quick trip into town or a road trip, using breathing techniques helps calm the mind and the body. I have also at times used comforting relaxation tapes. Just make sure there are no warnings that they make you sleepy and mustn't be used while driving.

The breathing techniques should be a part of every anxiety ridden person's day. Then when going out on the road, it is nothing new for you to continue what you have been practicing indoors. Taking Xanax before a road trip can cause you to get too relaxed or sleepy. Since we need full awareness while driving, it is always best to try a natural method that keeps you alert yet composed.


Hi Whats_normal_again. I'm so glad I saw your post, because I too have MAJOR anxiety when I drive. I avoid most interstates because I just can't handle them. I have to take the back roads and it adds so much more time to my commute. But if thats the only way I can get to my destination and keep my sanity, so be it. I once had an attack so back on the interstate, that I thought I would black out. My hands were shaking so bad, I couldn't keep them on the steering wheel. And to make it worse, I had my daughter in the car with me. NEVER AGAIN!! I know the only way to get over this is to just jump back in to, but I'm afraid.

I was told by another person who has anxiety when they drive, to randomly recite numbers out loud and not in order. Example, 1, 25, 48, 53, 74, 15, etc. This will take your mind off of your symptoms as you try to focus on the next number to say. Can't say that I've tried this because I am PETRIFIED to get onto the interstate. I'll get the nerve one day soon to hop on.

I'll let you know how it goes.


I recommend deep breathing, drink water and pray and pray and pray. It truly helps.

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