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Anxiety please help

Hi there so along time ago before my anxiety started I tried my brothers vape a lot and I was fine and it's been a long time and my anxiety has started a while back now I tried caking again but I didn't inhale because I don't like nicotine and just wanted to blow some cool clouds anyways I was fine until I got home and now my lungs feel diffrent like its I guess a bit harder to breath but not much of a diffrence and I'm not sure if it's just my anxiety and like I said I didn't inhale any an if I did it would have been a very little amount and my lungs felt a bit wired before I did this from the flu so not sure if maybe it's just that again or what but can some one please help me thanks

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It could be a combination of all three things you mention why you feel this way

Smoking vapor is not the answer though to help with your anxiety because when it wears of you are still left with your anxiety which needs dealing with

I would make an appointment and discuss with my Doctor how I am feeling and let them wither prescribe you something to help or maybe refer you for some Counselling , I think long term this would benefit you more :-)

Take Care x


Your mind found another reason to freak you out and you fell into its trap. That's how anxiety works.


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