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Can anxiety make you feel sicker?

I've been sick with a stupid cold/upper respiratory infection for like a week or two been to the doctors and stuff. Of course i'm turning it into everything else but a cold. I'm literally driving myself nuts. It just seems like i keep getting anxious and making my symptoms somewhat worse(If that makes sense). I've also been having like anxious dreams. Ugh I'm so tired of being anxious all the time and being a hyper or hypochondriac all the time. Anyone go through this?

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Adamj... Remember your body is healthy and whole and depends on you to believe it. The mind is tricky and can lead you astray..... stay positive!

Relax and sleep tight.

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I got a cold getting on for two weeks ago. I was in bed and then my sweats just went berserk and still haven't got my appetite back. The germ itself might be making you feel sicker too. Hope you feel better soon

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Yes it can I know it's made me sicker and I got pluracy while I had anxiety it was inflammation in the linning of my lungs I guesshould because having panic attaks and being stressed tightened my muscles and made my linning of my lungs like that it hurts your chest so much but you have to stay positive and say ima get better and yu will


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