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Any tips?

So yesterday i was rushed to A&E thinking i was legit having a heart attack, had an xray on my chest and all clear, think i've been working my self way up about stuff this past week and had an anxiety attack. Calmed down a little but my back and chest still feel tight and achey, has anyone got ant tips to get rid of the pain or make it easier? Or any over the counter tablets/remedies to just help me chill out a bit?

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Hi Here2helpxLx, Sorry about the A&E experience yesterday, but hopefully it relieved you of the thought of it being your heart. An anxiety attack may come and go but what it leaves behind are extremely tight back and chest muscles causing achiness and pain. Its not always important to reach for pain meds OTC or not. You can relax those muscles by using a nice hot soaking bath as well as using deep breathing while relaxing. During the day make sure you hydrate since your body lost a lot of fluids during the anxiety attack and muscles need hydration in order to work properly. Try to have a low key day if you can today, using heat pak on your upper back (rather than your chest) and if need to a mild OTC Tylenol or Advil.

Check YouTube for some videos on Muscle Relaxation which will help you chill. Breathe and feel better. It will pass...


Thank you 😊

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